Seaboard Southern Exhibition 2017

This is now official notification of the 2017 event, which the Frem0n30 Group will be attending. We’ll also have more modules to make up a longer and more interesting layout. We’ve been given a room so we’ll looking to bring specialist traders on board, including the 0n30 Depot.

Seaboard Southern Annual ExhibitionThe venue is The Charis Centre, West Green Drive, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 7EZ. The entrance to the car park is in Town Barn Road.

The times are 10:00 until 16:00

The costs are £5 Adults, Under 16’s free when accompanied by paying adult.

Single Leg Set

Following on from this post last year, here’s an item for one leg set to add to each board purchase.

You’re buying a jig-built leg with adjustable feet, preset to the current height used by the Surrey & Sussex Black Sheep Frem0n30 Group. The legs come assembled with rounded edges, bolt holes drilled in the top, feet fitted but no finish applied.

Two such legs will support one board, two will support three boards, and so on.

Seaboard Southern 2016

A train passes through Dampier MineSaturday saw six module owners and three additional engine drivers arrive at the annual Seaboard Southern exhibition to which we’d been invited. By the skin of our teeth, due to some gremlins, we had erected and tested more than 60′ of modules, our longest layout to date.

Operating was on a warrant basis, with two in operation, one each way between the fiddle yards and the central passing module. There were also sidings to shunt in each direction, adding to the operational interest. With a crew of eight, we were split into teams of four and operated an hour on with an hour’s rest. That made the day go very quickly.

A passenger train arrives at Stenning CreekStriking down was a lot quicker, with everything boxed up and ready to load within 45 minutes of closing time. Lots of things were learned, experiences gained, which means that the next outing will be even better than this.

Modular narrow gauge railway modelling is some much more fun than having a single layout, not least because it doesn’t have to be the same each time. It’s also great to be able to exhibit works in progress, so long as they are making progress.

We’re waiting for confirmation of the date for this event next year, when we’ll hopefully be doing it all again, bigger and better.

Seaboard Southern Exhibition 2016

After our inaugural showing of nine modules in an incomplete but operational state last year, we will be at the Seaboard Southern annual exhibition on Saturday 17th September 2016, this hopefully filling a room with 0n30 modular layouts and trade support.

Seaboard Southern Annual ExhibitionThe venue is The Charis Centre, West Green Drive, Crawley, West Sussex RH11 7EZ. The entrance to the car park is in Town Barn Road.

The times are 10:00 until 16:00

The costs are £5 Adults, Under 16’s free when accompanied by paying adult.

Working Day on the RFLC

Had 4 people turn up for the working day on the 23rd July. Jobs completed included track joints re-aligned on Simpson’s Peak. A new passing loop installed at Skinners Creek. The track all cleaned and most of it hoovered. Point numbers and magnet locations cheeked and any missing indicators replaced. he last job was some tree stump casting. IMG_1164

This work was all nearly complete before lunch, with just a few bits needing finishing after lunch. of the after lunch session was spent testing two FremOn30 modules that were brought along.IMG_1165

Work was also started on the low bridge after Bouviers Peak, but more strengthening work is needed to the ply boards for this to work better. Not sure if it will be a swing bridge or a lift bridge. Need to look into this.IMG_1167

As we were all busy working I forget to take many pictures, so only a few to add.IMG_1168


Making legs in bulk using a jig

Today’s activity was legs. Following a straw poll in our Facebook Group, we received orders for 26 legs. Module specifications dictate that individual modules should be freestanding, so each member should have one more set of legs than they have modules.

76 metres of 3″ x 1″ planed softwood was purchased at the local timber merchants, cut into kits of parts, chamfered and assembled using a purpose built jig. Ordering and making in bulk like this enables good savings to be made, and passed on to members of the group.

3D Printed Black Sheep

3D Printed Black SheepFollowing an offer on Facebook by Calvin Witt, the group has purchased 10 9 each of the large and small sheep and, as this appears to qualify as a bulk order, we’re able to offer them to the group at a reduced rate over the single item rate that Calvin was charging.

With apologies for the lousy picture, which has been shamelessly lifted from Facebook.

The large sheep are £5 each. Calvin sells them at $8 each. 

The small sheep are £3 each. Calvin sells them at $5 each. 

Special Offer – Discounted Boards

We have a very limited supply of Tim Horn straight and corner boards available. This offer is only possible because Tim had these precut and sent them to us at almost cost to clear space in his workshop.

If you are interested in getting involved in Frem0n30 then there could not be a better time. The straight and corner kits advertised in our shop are being offered at a massive 20% off but still including everything mentioned on the page.

If you prefer, we’ll build them for you, but we’ll have to reduce the discount to 10%.

Modules finally named and ballasted

In other news, the dry weather today was exploited and my boards have received ballast! Davidson Crossing, Sunstone Creek, Balfern Curve and Inworth Curve are now drying in the shed.

In addition, the creek itself on Sunstone Creek has been cut out. This was done at a very rough 45° so that the bits removed could be stuck back under the boards to both reinforce them again and create the creek bed.

They’ll be packed down by about 5mm to create some depth, with a rivulet running along the mostly dried creek bed. That’s the plan anyway.

2016-04-30 16.08.21 2016-04-29 13.03.26 2016-04-29 13.03.34 2016-04-29 20.18.33 2016-04-30 16.08.27 2016-04-30 16.08.32

Modules depths reduced to 100mm

Using a jig that I constructed last night from bits of wood in the shed, we have this afternoon reduced the depth of all the Tim Horn board kits in stock to 4″ from 6″, or 100mm from 150mm in modern money.

One straight board has already been claimed. I’m keeping two of the corners. That leaves one straight board and two, maybe four, corners plus two pairs of ends up for grabs. It’ll be interesting to see who in the group grabs these.

Sorry, but no photos for this update. The cutting jig, which was made from the top and one leg of a reclaimed chest of drawers, simply clamped each of the pieces tight up against a stop so that the Bosch PKS16 could cut off the excess in one pass.