Monthly Archives: January 2015

Brian Daly

imageBrian is already well-known for his 0n30 layouts, having exhibited several at many different shows in this country and across Europe.

Brian is one of the driving forces behind the current wave of Frem0n30, at least in Surrey and adjacent counties.

He is currently President of the Rio Florida Logging Company, and our expert of DCC.

You can see some of Brian’s posts from his blog here.

Alan Rogers

Alan Rogers Facebook PictureAlan has no exhibition experience or indeed 0n30 pedigree but has been an active member of the 7mm NGA for twenty years, and its Surrey Area Group, as well as being a regular operator on the Rio Florida Logging Co.

Alan first floated the idea of collaborating on a modular layout some years ago and is one half of the driving force behind Frem0n30 in Surrey.

The history and construction of his modules are shown on his blog.