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Progress on the FremOn30 boards

Progress has been slow. the main fiddle yard board has all the tracks bonded together and wired back to the DCC bus. this will need repeating at the other end of the board, a belt and braces approach. it will take 2 soldered joints to fail before a track becomes dead.

All tracks on this board have had the ends soldered, mainly using Gap Masters, these have been easy to fit and provide a good solid end for the rails.

Gapmaster GM006.

This is the one I have mainly used.

I have also ordered the 3 way point from Cream City Turnouts. I ordered 2, so that i can make the fiddle yard a through fiddle yard for all tracks. it will current be only a through track for the middle road. Im hoping the 3 way no. 5 point will fit on the current board. If it doesn’t i will build two short boards, one to fit this point and one to give a bit of a headhunt at the depot end. I’d hope these boards won’t be more than 300mm long .

hopefully today I will start laying the track on the depot boards, I’m going for the track plan number 3 I posted on Facebook with one additional point.


pictures on progress to follow in the next post.

Track and Wiring

Progress on the modules has been slow, for which read non-existent. With the looming date of the Seaboard Southern show in September, at which these are expected to not only appear but be operational, it’s high time to extract the digit! A sunny Saturday afternoon with fellow moduler Brian Daly saw:
  1. 11330019_1077673618914249_9158954348490870863_nfeeder droppers added to two yard lengths of Micro Engineering Code 83 0n30 flexible track
  2. said track pinned to the boards and soldered to the Gapmaster GM006 units used as end ties
  3. droppers on the straight boards soldered to the slug tape on the underside
  4. alignment tested by bolting boards together in various orders and running a skeleton log car
I’ve still got to add droppers to the curved boards and, having had some fun with the alignment, I think I’m going to make a jig for centring the track, just for my own sanity. The fact is that my eyeballs are rubbish at measuring! 549232_1077673665580911_7544881282843041056_nHere you can see the two 45° boards and one straight all bolted up together, with the other straight board standing on its end to the right. The flowing line of the track can clearly be seen. Module standards discourage connecting the two corners reversed without a straight between them. Before paint is applied, I think I’m going to put the supplied 3mm plywood fascias on, if only to hide the finger joints and screw holes. Then it’s time for some scenery!

Fremon30 today

No pictures today as I was only working on the boards. Pins pushed below the surface and holes filled on side trims. Baseboard tops all screws filled.

Two boards done. Not as long as yesterday in garden to do this. Sanding to do next, then other two boards to do the same too.

Still thinking about track plans for boards 3 and 4. Track plan 3 is looking the faviorite.

Fremon30 boards update

This afternoon I worked on the first two boards for the modular layout. image This is is the first board with the gapmasters been glued in place. what cannot be clearly seen is that all the tracks and clearances are marked on the board. image The centre track in place. image The  second track in place. This hasn’t got gap masters at the ends. I will use normal copper clad sleepers. imageThe third track fitted, that’s one side down. Ply fascia still to add to this board and the next one. image The fourth track is added. The gap between tracks is the maximum loading gauge and is set using a standard on30 loading gauge. image   Thats the the fifth and final track added. I have pre drilled holes for each rail 75mm in from each end. This will allow each rail to be connected twice to the DCC bus line fitted to the underneathimage. To make the rails straight I used a long spirit level. image The second board was then added and the markings carried across. Gapmasters were added to the centre line track. image   The he first point was then added and tracks linked up. The centre track is not fitted, just laid into rough position. I will need to order the three way point and may need to build a short extension board for this all to fit. image   A good afternoons work. Hopefully I have enough turnouts and track to do the other 2 modules. I will check this one evening this week.