Monthly Archives: July 2015

New wagons for the RFLC

For a change here is a quick post on some new wagons I’ve been working on. Last week I was after on my hols and took some simple kits and tools with me. They are all Mountblue models kits.



These came complete with the chassis. The flat car came with trucks and couplers. I have used Kadee trucks and couplers. i found the instructions clear and easy to follow. the prts were easy to remove and required very little clean up.

I know it is normal to paint these before they are built but as said at the start I was on my hols. I will use paints so any glue on the body shouldnt be a problem. I was very careful to ensure any glue on finished surfaces was removed before it dried.

I still have detail to add to all these cars, but this will be painted before adding and the car bodies painted.

I enjoyed building these in the evenings when away. I have 6 more to build that require the Bachmann 18 foot chassis and a Drovers Caboose to build.


wiring updates for the FremOn30 boards July 2015

Not the most interesting sides to the hobby but one I do enjoy. 3 boards are now mainly finished apart from some point wiring to feed the frogs or cross vee’s. image This is one of the main depot boards. seen in this picture are the 5 point motors and the DCC sub districts. also seen on the right are the two point controllers. image This is the second depot board with the DCC bus lines and point motors fitted IMG_1758   This shows the tree boards that are complete. The board top right is the main fiddle yard board with just 5 plain tracks. I have wired both ends of each track for belt and braces. it will take 2 wires to be disconnected before a track will lose power.   The forth board is awaiting points from the USA, but the guy is ill and I may have to think about only having 3 tracks working for the first show. IMG_1760 To this end I had a play with hand point throws on the baseboard, they will allow me to control the points but the frog will be dead. IMG_1745 The last job i have done is add adjustable feet to the bottom of the legs. this should allow for any uneven floors at shows