Monthly Archives: October 2015

Why the sporadic updates?

Ask any woman and the one thing that no man can do is multi-task. Who am I to argue with that apparent fact? Railway modelling comes way down the priority list when you have a family and updating a blog about railway modelling below that!

IMG-20151023-WA0001The simple fact of the matter is that I’ve been investing some time in updating the web site of the Frem0n30 group of which I am a founder member. This has entailed, in the last week, adding product purchase capability, promoting supporting traders, adding future exhibitions, updating fellow members, etc.

That doesn’t mean that I’ve gotten no modelling of my own done in the interim. I’ve been busy painting my Frem0n30 modules so that some progress is discernible before their next public outing. I hope to accomplish more but can’t promise at this stage!

Paul Martin of EDM Models

Paul Martin Facebook PhotoPaul has been trading as EDM Models at shows and as NG Trains on the web since May 1998.

As possibly the most approachable and knowledgeable specialist 0n30 trader in the United Kingdom, we’re glad to include Paul among our traders.

If you want to purchase On30 track, please see Paul’s Micro Engineering Track Page. Please note that our Standard specifies Code 83 on the mainline but that doesn’t stop you using the lighter Code 70 in your sidings.

As a parting tip, track is costly to post, due to its size. Paul is often at shows in the South East of England, so pre-order and collect, saving yourself valuable modelling tokens, or buy more track!

Painting the module boards

Another hiatus, another school holiday! Having put my Dear Lady Wife and Son / Heir on a plane to Slovakia for half-term, I was able to take the module boards out of the loft and treat them to a coat of paint.

The tops of the boards, up to the edge of the ballast, have been painted with a brown paint from Homebase, while the sides and ends have been painted with Rustin’s Blackboard Black purchased from Dunwoodys in Caterham.

four boards painted brown to the rail line

All four boards with brown paint to the edge of the area to be ballasted

Blackboard paint applied to straight boards

The two straight boards with their sides and ends painted blackboard black