Absolution Falls

Paul Fisher

Following transportation difficulties with Dampier Mine, I have decided not to show it again, instead using it as the start of my home layout.

 The town is coming together nicely but I still have a Boarding house, feed store and pickle factory to build, plus fencing for around wood yard and the barn/workshop I’m not sure that I will use the two miners tents yet but am certain that I will not be building any more as the template for the canvas was a real pig to get right. Before starting on the remaining buildings I need to install a lighting bus, program the 3 cobalts and fit them with upgraded push switches to both sides of the module. The modules also need to be electrically tested before I permanently attach the buildings, ballast the track and complete the scenery.

General view of the town
The depot which is at right angels to the track
General view looking towards the timber yard
The Garage
A saloon and upstairs rest area

I am building a new two board module called Absolution Falls which will be a town scene. To date I have built and varnished the two Grainge & Hodder boards, produced a preliminary track plan. As with previous modules, all track and turnouts will be hand built using Fast Tracks jigs. This afternoon I stared building the three turnouts and hope to finish these tomorrow. The preliminary track plan is below, the types, sizes and final position of buildings will undoubtedly change. I have two Banta Model Works buildings that I intend using, the rest will I expect be scratch built.

Further updates and photos will be added as work progresses. 

Proposed Track Plan
The new Baseboards