Bonanza RH

Following a few discussions with a couple of the Black Sheep and my ever increasing fleet of locomotives I thought it was time to build a roundhouse. Now having a kit manufacturer in the group is both handy and dangerous. Ive already built a couple of Simon’s kits including a gallows turntable. So, with a 54′ Durango turntable at the heart of the beast, Simon and I started planning.

First Board built, note laser cut lines and laser cut turntable hole
Turntable fitted and roundhouse sub floor down
Tracks made and loco test to get a feel of the size
All 21 Roundhouse tracks in and starting the 3 arrival and departure tracks
Facia on for Roundhouse and start made on sub floor

As not to fill up the Black sheep site, it is likely that i will post on my website and put a link here.