Davidson Crossing

Alan Rogers

This and my other modules were the first constructed from laser-cut board kits, provided by Tim Horn Laser Cutting, who was good enough to work with us in producing what has become the de facto board standard for the group, when the actual standards themselves are not prescriptive with regard to board dimensions!

On arrival, four separate board kits comprising two 36″ straights and two 45° corners were sorted out from their very efficient packaging and assembled in a single afternoon.

Alan preparing track

Davidson Crossing is, as my first module, currently purely a scenic separator, as indeed are all my other modules. Everyone else in the group has built modules which invite operation but sometimes you just need some countryside to run through!

However, Davidson Crossing is also due a complete rebuild this year, in which the existing single straight yard of Micro Engineering track will be removed and replaced by track hand-laid using Fast Tracks jigs, including a turnout into a small exchange yard with a freight depot stop on the mainline.

Old track and scenery removed
New point in rough position and start on new scenery
Base coat of plaster down

Point operation will be both local and digital, using a Cobalt IP slow action point motor with push buttons either side of the board to operate the point plus an address on the DCC system for those with controllers that have the capability.