Inworth Bends

Alan Rogers

Inworth Bends, like all my other modules, are basically scenic infill between other people’s operational modules, and consist of two 45° corner boards constructed from Tim Horn Laser Cutting kits.

Two curves connected to a straight during construction

On arrival, four kits were separated out as they’d been very efficiently packed into one parcel, and assembled in a single afternoon. Micro Engineering Code 83 0n30 flexible track was laid before some basic scenery, in the form of Gauge Master Autumn Grass Mat which has since had additional Woodland Scenics Fine, Blended and Coarse Turfs in Dark, Medium and Light Green for colour variation.

Inworth Bends with track, ballast and base paint down

Under construction is a hobo camp to position on one of the bends, comprising the Woodland Scenics Scenic Accents Hobos and a grounded Bachmann caboose which Paul Fisher has skillfully dilapidated for me.

Inworth Bends are designed to be used separately as 45° units, combined as a 90° corner or to create a kink in the layout to clear an obstacle in the room. Putting a module or simply a straight scenic section between them enlarges the layout design possibilities further.