Kitwood Crater

Simon Cox

The Donut module left a hole that was begging to be filled, So after adding 3 built-in situ diamond crossings to bring a feeder line into the center of the Donut, I had to come up with something. The rims of the scenery make look like a filled in crater – I do not like to overthink names!. The trackplan would not allow a passing loop with headshunt so I came up with a plan using 2 short turnouts and 2  Kitwood Hill Models 5″ turntables – which are just long enough to take a Heisler.

The ruling radius is 13″ so operates restricted practice over the mainline. The crater operation is designed to hold and switch 2 trains of three 18ft cars and a short caboose. It requires 2 locos to operate and is quite an operational puzzle!As the Crater is too far to reach for manual uncoupling, “Railcrew” remote uncouplers have been fitted to many places under the tracks. Operationally it’s purpose is for car and simple loco maintenance, and uses Kitwood Hill Models laser cut structures. While basic scenery is mostly in place, the detailing is an ongoing project, and there are 2 structures yet to be created for this module.