Kitwood Junction

Simon Cox

The next module to be brought to a “showable” standard in 2020 features On30 branchline operation and a standard gauge industrial interchange with dual gauge working . It is built from 3 laser-cut baseboards and all 3 ends conform to S&SBS interface standard, and I have built an additional through working fiddleyard to be able to “insert” the standard gauge operation into the modular On30 layout.

The Beast
The track plan

It uses handbuilt trackwork throughout with a minimum radius of 24″ for On30 and 40″ for Standard gauge. On30 track uses the groups standard code 83 and the standard and dual gauge portions use code 100. Jigs for the standard and dual gauge turnouts were designed in Templot, modified in CAD, and cut out on my laser. The On30 turnouts were built using #5 Fast Tracks jigs. The 2 dual gauge diamond crossing built in situ, in order to keep the flow of the curves.

Cad for point work
2 baseboards with Ballast drying