Brian Daly

This module was originally built as a fiddle yard with points. However, to make this work a three-way point was needed and, as this was delayed, the track was all removed and a couple of sidings were laid and made scenic. At this time a repair shop was going to be added and this was going to be a small wagon repair facility.

The original Ogdenville fiddle yard with 3 tracks useable

I then purchased a few of Simon’s kits and the first I needed to find a home for was the small gallows turntable. A change of tracks, another board later and Ogdenville was now a junction for a small branch serving mines and other small backwards camps.

The branch leaves the mainline by a diamond crossing, this was needed to be able to fit the turntable in the corner of the new board and to allow the track to curve to the centre line of the new board. This does mean the branch i restricted to geared locomotives and smaller critters and diesels as the radius is well below the mainline standard.

At the top can be seen the turntable in the left top corner and the branch curving down. There are new tracks under construction.

The line was shown at Amberley in 2019 with just enough track to allow locomotives access to the turntable. Since then The Second of Simon’s kits was made and with a bit of fine tuning the Ore Bin could be fitted in on the same board. Track was made and as the above photo shows is in the process of been fitted.

A control panel will be made to house the S levers to control the points and for the PWM to control the turntable. As the turntable runs so slowly and only has a few roads, alignment is by eye and by fine tuning of the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controller, which gives very good speed control. There is also a double pole double throw centre off switch to give direction control and to isolate the PWM.

A work in progress, more to follow