One Tree Hill

Dan Spalding

Inspiration for the module came from the Spring 2010 edition of The Logging, Mining & Industrial Annual and a piece on the Diamond & Caldor Railroad lumber railroad in California. With rough track and care-worn articulated locos it was a real inspiration to produce my own little bit of California logging.

The module was built on a pair of Grange & Hodder plywood kit boards cut to the Frem0n30 group spec. To get away from the ‘flat earth’ look a small cutting was created using high density insulation foam as a former and then covered with Sculptamold. The rock castings were fixed in place with plaster on top of the damp ground cover material. Micro Engineering Code 83 track was laid directly onto the board to simulate the roughly laid track typical of logging lines. The track was ballasted with Woodlands Scenics fine grey ballast as per the group standard.

As the module depicts a logging spur in the woods there are no buildings aside from the log piles and, planned for the future, a log loader. In the future there is potential for an additional baseboard to extend the module to include a logging camp with a kitchen car and attached building

The module name is a nod to U2 as it’s the name of a track from their ‘Joshua Tree’ album.

View of One tree Hill
View from opposite end of One Tree Hill