Red Hill Mining

Tim Neale

The module name is a bit of a U2 tribute. It is currently 6’ in length and has a passing loop, plus two sidings, one with a hopper for filling stone hopper wagons. The hopper is, in fact, an OO Ratio kit for a coaling stage, up-scaled. I cannot claim originality for the idea, but I can say that with some suitable modifications, it looks the part.

The depot building is Sheepscot Depot from Grandt Line, with a scratch-built platform and a goods shed from Banta Model Works. I wanted to put a Bachmann Camp Car on a disused piece of track, but no-where looked right. Also the Bachmann model looks a bit underscale, particularly around the doors, especially when you put one of their figures in front! As a result, I took the body off and mounted it on the ground.

The track follows the Frem0n30 Standard of Code 83. Points are operated by Cobalt IP motors, fed from the track bus. The track was ballasted using Woodland Scenics fine ballast. Ground cover was added using Sculptamold, mixed with stony coloured emulsion paint and chinchilla sand added to the mix, with roads using a finer mix. Vegetation is also from Woodlands Scenics, and I was trying to make it look a bit sparse, but I think it could do with more. The module needs more junk, people and detailing.

Future plans are to add one or more 3’ boards, which are already assembled. One will be to Frem0n30 standards and will add another siding. Another board will be a fiddle yard so that I could potentially operate it as a stand-alone exhibition layout.
The Free0n30 has been a refreshing side-project, which has led me to learn new techniques for working in 1/48th scale.

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