Stenning Creek

Brian Daly

General view of the module, with the new board still to be wired

This is named after my late friend Graham and was the first module finished for the group. Module length with the additional board is 2,232mm. Two boards are hand made and are a mix of 3 x 1 framing and ply tops and sides. The new board is all ply and was built by Simon Cox to his own design. The board depth was 150mm but this has been reduced to the now group standard of 100mm. The track is a mix of Micro Engineering track and points with two hand made points. These were made after the ME points fitted failed after a few shows and I went down the Fast Tracks route for points and track. This is now my standard and a point can be made in under 40 minutes. I’m also pleased that at least 3 others in the group now follow this route. Point control is Cobalt IP and a lever frame is currently been added to the new board which extend the loops. This board was added to make the module a better fit at home.

Unloading platform and chain gang working

Stenning Creek has 3 passing loops and a few sidings for the local town, the edge of which is seen behind the depot. These sidings can deal with most of the goods needed at the town. Buildings are all laser cut kits, mainly from Banta Model Works, and have been built to the manufacturers instructions. Details are been added as I get them painted. There is even a chain gang working on one board. To me people and vehicles bring a layout to life and these are added where needed.

Unloading ramp and engineers train in back siding

Stock used on the module is mainly Bachmann stock of the 18’ foot size but there are also kits from Chivers Finescale and Boulder Valley Models. Unfortunately neither are in production these days. Most of my stock is lettered up for the Rio Florida Logging Company (RFLC) and has been weathered. Locos are all Bachmann, Broadway or Precision Scale and are all DCC and most are sound fitted. I spend some time programming and fine-tuning these engines. The small engines like the Bachmann Gas mechanical are either sound fitted or have a DCC chip with Stay Alive. This really helps with smooth running over points and crossings. Some of the locos can run for 3 feet without power or even track. The new board needs to be finished and scenery completed to bring it up to the same standard as the other two boards. A building needs to be made to cover the lever frame and the platform extended onto this board. This board can be left out should space be tight at a venue. There is always stock to work on and locos to service and repair.

New mini board with point levers fitted

I have modelled On30 for about 25 years and built several exhibition layouts, all of which are still in use today and are connected together to form the RFLC line. The Surrey and Sussex Black Sheep group was started 5 years ago by Alan and I and it’s been great to see it grow to where we are today.


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