Tim Horn Laser Cut Boards

Tim Horn Facebook PhotoWhen the idea of Frem0n30 was first discussed among us, we approached Tim Horn and asked him to adapt some of his existing laser-cut baseboard kits to accommodate the Frem0n30 interface standard.

Tim was good enough to draw them up for us, test cut some ends and post them for proofing, then produce the kits that Alan brought to the first Seaboard Southern exhibition. These kits have yet to be added to Tim’s web site but, if you buy either the straight or corner board kits from us, it’s Tim’s kits that you’ll be buying.

Unfortunately, as at 26th October 2015 and having done this much for us, Tim is not in a position to draw up any more bespoke designs at the present time, so we’re limited to buying what he has already drawn up, or building it ourselves.