Wyoming Knott

Wyoming Knott is a junction designed so other modules can be connected in more ways than just a simple end-to-end.  The track is standard ready made with a pre made Tandem point from the US, two points made by Brian Daly in his jigs although altered slightly and a home made diamond as the angle of the crossing is about 85 degrees with a curve through one route.

Wyoming Knott track plan.jpg
Wyoming Knott Track Plan

The track plan was taken from a station in the UK, but reduced to single line and very deliberately without any passing facility on any route. (Well done to those who can tell which station).  The main building has recently been completed and some grassing should see the area finished later this year. Also well done to anyone who spots the literary reference in the name. The train order signals do work manually but hopefully they can be motorised in the future.

Mike Peece

Start of Depot Building
Back of Depot Building
Cladding on side of Depot building
Depot building fully clad awaiting finishing