Surrey & Sussex Black Sheep

We are a small group of friends based in Hampshire, Surrey and Sussex and have chosen to follow the following standard, FREMO stands for “Freundeskreis Europäischer MOdellbahner”, translated Friendship of European railway modellers. In the USA there is another set of groups, the Free‐Mo, or Free form Modules.

Using modules allows the group to temporarily set‐up a large layout requiring more space than can be rented permanently. No unprototypical circular layouts are put together so the modules may have almost any size and shape. Only the faceplates need to meet some basic standards. This allows even the largest radii you can think of and features to be built fully to scale. The only limit is the amount of bench work, tracks and scenery anyone is prepared to build and carry around.

This standard is based on the German Fremo On30 module standard. This is included on another page for those interested.

The primary purpose is to provide a set of guidelines that allows group members to independently construct modules that can be joined together at shows and give the appearance of having been built as a sectional layout.

Small setup at one of our operating days

The modular assembly has been conceived of as a point to point railroad for greater operational possibilities. Continuous running, as such, is not integral to the design of any module. Return loops, Wyes and Turntables can be employed to turn trains.

Fremo does not specify the actual methods of module construction. This is left up to the individual builder. Only the module ends, track placement, track connection, module height and electrical requirements are specified.

The Basic Standard establishes the rules that apply to all modules. The Wider Group Recommendations can be used to give greater uniformity to the group “look” but is not mandatory.

Currently the group has 41 boards available, in varies stages of construction. We are around that we can attend shows and never have the same set up twice. This is one of the joys of a modular design.

We will be adding an exhibition manager page where some of our past setups can be seem and now to pick modules for a show.