Sunstone Creek

Alan Rogers

Sunstone Creek , like all my other modules are basically scenic infill between other people’s operational modules, consisting of two 45° corner boards constructed from Tim Horn Laser Cutting kits.

Sunstone Creek, version one

Initially, Sunstone Creek was unambitious and just a straight, narrow and shallow cut out in the baseboard top. Basically, it was a culvert and an unexciting one at that. As a result of that dissatisfaction, and triggered by some transit damage after a show, Sunstone Creek was redesigned with extensive help from Simon Cox.

Simon and Alan drastically altering Sunstone Creek

After much sawing, the module was unrecognisable, and severely weakened. However, the addition of the foam riverbed and a substantial plywood brace underneath fixed that. Electrical continuity was restored by running some mains flex between the ends, the original droppers being reused.

Bridge deck by Paul Fisher, Bents from Simon Cox

Track hand laid using Fast Tracks 0n30 jigs was laid over a bridge deck hand-built by Paul Fisher. Basic sculpting of the river bed was done with an old bread knife and expanding foam. However …

Sunstone Creek as I imagined it

… a scenery working evening saw Simon Cox get stuck into Sunstone Creek with a combination of gravels and other ground cover, to which were added cast tree stumps and the whole thing is very much more the creek I first envisaged when I choose the name.

Sunstone Creek is a 36″ straight scenic module designed to provide separation and running time between operational modules. It can be paired with other straight or curved boards to create longer runs.