Dampier Mining & Logging Now Retired from Shows

Paul Fisher

Dampier Mining & Logging comprises three 915mm by 500mm boards with a fourth forming a right angle, it replaces a similar module of the same name but with a different track configuration  but having suffered numerous faults with Micro Engineering track and points, the latest reincarnation has hand laid track & points made using Fast Tracks jigs.

The module has a passing loop, several sidings and an incline leading to the raised ground on which sits the mine built from a Stony Creek Designs kit , sidings and a scratch built shed for small locos. The mine can only be accessed by geared locos or small diesels and wagons of less than 20ft length. The other buildings are a mixture of scratch built and kits from Kitwood Hill Models, Sierra West & Banta Model Works. The figures are in the main 1/43 rather than 1/48, the majority being made from resin and supplied by MK35. The detail parts on the layout are from various suppliers but in the main are from SierraWest Scale Models.

I have found it becoming more and more difficult to take down, box up and transport the four boards and ancillary equipment, and am constantly suffering minor damage to the mine, so have now retired the module to keep it permanently as part of my home layout. I will starting early in the new year replace it with a new module comprising just two 915mm by 500mm boards. I hope to have a passing loop and one or two sidings on it as well as the main line with perhaps a station halt and a freight depot but this may and probably will all change as I start the build.

This module is been retired and added to a permanent layout at Paul’s home.

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